Alexander Trans on his preparation for ADCC 2013 in China

Alexander-Trans_photo-Deb-Blyth has recently interviewed Alexander Trans on his preparation for the ADCC 2013 in China. Alexander Trans is one of the top Scandinavian  grapplers from Checkmat Acadmy in Copenhagen (Arte Suave). Here is a segment of his interview.

How are your preparations for ADCC 2013 going?
I started preparing last week (8 weeks out). I’m training 3 times a day Monday-Friday here in Denmark right now, doing Submission Wrestling in the morning and at night, and physical preparation in the afternoon, and then I’ll be doing the rest of my preparation in Abu Dhabi as I’ll be moving there shortly to teach in the Jiu-Jitsu project there. There I’m going to have a lot of really tough training partners, and a really good teacher as well helping me, so I’m hoping to be sharp for the ADCC.

What are your main focus in the preparations?
My main focus is adapting my game to No-Gi, and the ADCC-rules, that are different from the IBJJF-rules, and on takedowns and conditioning as there is minus-points for pulling guard and the fights often times are pretty long with the over-times and everything.

What is your thoughts of the competitor list in your weight class, any names you are missing?
It looks tough as always, every fight is going to be really difficult, so I’m looking forward to fighting.

Who do you see yourself facing in the final?
I don’t know, I don’t care about who I’m going to fight, I’ll just focus on myself and fight one fight at a time, and see how far I can make it.

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