8 Scandinavian Jiu Jitsu brands

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Scandinavia has a vibrant Jiu Jitsu community with great academies, grapplers but also great Jiu Jitsu brands. BJJ Scandinavia has compiled for you 8 Scandinavian Jiu Jitsu brands that produce high quality gear and are used by many athletes in the region. These are not in any particular order and the text for each brand is taken from their own website given that this is not a review but a compilation of the brands we found. If you know other Scandinavian brands, please let us know and we will include them!



“Rios (Norwegian brand) is driven by active martial artists. This means that our entire catalogue has been thoroughly tested and adjusted before we release the product on the market. We know the importance of having a grant or rash guard with a perfect fit that feels natural to the body, and it does not hurt if it also looks good. We spend a lot of time to find the right materials that gives us both durability and functionality.

Based in Norway, we take the pulse of the Scandinavian martial arts community, and nothing makes us happier than to see the sport grow and our athletes reach new heights. Therefore, we want to give back to the martial arts community as we are part of, and is a proud sponsor of athletes at all levels.”



MOKA (Danish brand) is a brand for athletic clothing – created by athletes for athletes in BJJ, MMA and Grappling. We use what we make, continuously test all products on the mat to optimize design and functionality before they reach the market. We only sell what we ourselves use and vouch for. The result is a range of specialized products where quality and design is top notch, while at the best price.”



“Macaco Branco (Finnish brand) is a top quality combat gear and lifestyle leisure clothing brand. Each and every one of our designs is based around Macaco Branco – an albino monkey who features on all our clothing. His name means white monkey in Portuguese.

Macaco Branco is the essence of the brand. He’s a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, he’s fun, he’s tough and he absolutely loves grappling – just like us! We’ve designed this range of top quality combat gear and leisure clothing because we know firsthand what it takes to create good grappling gear, and we’ve partnered with the best in the business to produce it. What’s more, we always aim for the highest quality in our products, because we believe you deserve the best.

Our slogan says it all: “Designed for primates around the world.” Anyone can be a Macaco Branco fan – so why not join the growing list of Macaco Branco fans today?”



“Fighter Sports (Norwegian brands) is the leading supplier of martial arts equipment in Norway. We will provide the best selection and service, and are constantly developing new products and concepts.

For over 25 years we have been supplying quality equipment to athletes across the country.
Martial Arts Equipment is our business, and the only thing we sell.
Fighter sport is the main sponsor of the Norwegian Martial Arts Federation, Norwegian Judo Federation and the Norwegian box Association.”



“Kenka (Swedish brand) was founded in 2005 after we ourselves trained long and saw a need for products and services that are not offered on the market, after several years of product testing, we came to end up with a product range that we were satisfied with, and the company started.

We are constantly developing our product range, it is done in close cooperation with both pro fighters from the UFC and K-1 and the views of instructors and regular exercisers, etc. We also have a strong commitment to the martial arts and has been since we started sponsoring both races and fighters from the club championship to Svenka championship. As we grow, we try to give as much as we can back to the sport!

We currently have products from two brands in our range. Fightgear and Kenka . The products are mainly focused on MMA, Thai Boxing, Boxing and Kickboxing.”



“We build the business based on SERVICE and QUALITY. These are the two factors that we place high on achieving daily. Our main focus are MMA, BJJ , SW , KRAVMAGA , WING TSUN and Supplements. We have over 15 years experience inside is a variety of martial arts and therefore share a wide experience and knowledge of various martial arts. This experience enables us to guide you to the best product for your needs. The goal is to become Denmark’s best combat sport retailer.

Knockout sports was founded in late 2003, business has been at the address since February 2004 and have managed to find some really good suppliers all of which are ISO certified. We have a number of advantages, including the opportunity to get our name on our equipment. These equipments are some that we design based on what we believe meet people’s needs. We’ve also got a lot of good reviews for these. It also mean that we can give some reasonable prices.”



“The company was founded in 2011 by Kári Gunnarsson, an avid grappling and BJJ practictioner and competitor, with competetive experience in both MMA and Muay Thai as well. The main goal of the company is to provide MMA/Grappling/BJJ gear of the highest quality, and just as importantly, with crisp/fresh designs. We don’t feel that the majority of MMA brands out there appeal to us, as we are not attracted to the “in your face” style that most companies seem to cultivate, so we aim to create crisp cool designs (though not necesarily minimalistic).

We take our inspiration more from surf clothing than from other MMA brands, and try to incorporate that design feeling into clothing that is meant to withstand MMA/Grappling rather than surfing. Currently we are a small operation growing organically, mostly focusing on the Scandinavian market, where we try to sponsor exciting up and coming fighters with our wares.”



“Green Hill Sport Scandinavia AS sole distributor of Green Hill’s products in Norway. If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us at post@greenhillsport.no Instructors may contacts us for special prices. We also deliver to Denmark, Faroe Island, Iceland, Finland and Sweden.
Welcome to Green Hill Sport.”