Unicorns, diamonds and cupcakes: how the new “Fabulous” GI is taking over Scandinavia


“Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn” at least this is what the producer of the “Fabulous Gi” has to say! Today anything is possible: Electric cars, commercial flights to space and even GIs with unicorns, cupcakes and diamonds!! Although several brands have provided other options than the classic white cotton Gi, I am talking about Hemp Gis, super light Gis, multi coloured bleached Gis, Turtle Ninjas and other superheroes Gis, none of them have gone quite the direction of the Fabulous Gi. For both men and women, this Gis brings magic and sweetness the harsh world of Jiu Jitsu! Made by the brand www.Riosgear.com, the quality of this Gi (if you are confident enough to roll with it at your academy) is top notch! The stocks were gone within a week and the “Fabulous Gi” took top ranking on Reddit in the last 3 days! So that means that Scandinavians like to be fab even on the mat! So at this point I have two questions in my mind: 1) are you brave enough to wear one? and what would have Helio Gracie say?

For more info on the Fabulous Gi visit www.awesomegi.com