Introducing Combat Corner: Now Officially Launched in Scandinavia and Europe!

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Jiu Jitsu and MMA based brands in Scandinavia are few. Although originally American, Combat Corner has found a niche on the Norwegian and Scandinavian Market and now is expanding to Europe. We met with Combat Corner Regional Representative, Stefan Ydstie, who explains how the brand had been established, the gear they provide and their goal!

How it all started
Combat Corner started up in 2007 by the founder Dan LaSavage. Even though CC is quite a ”new” brand, high quality products and great customer service has resulted in fast growth and made CC into one of the leading combat sports brands in the U.S.

For us in Europe, Combat Corner actually came to us by a coincident. In 2012 one of the part owners of CC Norway actually bought t-shirts for his other company from Dan LaSavage (Dan prints a lot of tees for gyms and schools in the U.S. so he had the prints etc. to do this.)

Together with the tees, I ordered a big variety of products to try out and these products were actually used daily for about a year.

The fitting and quality of these products were so impressive. During this period of time we had other people use it as well and the response was always positive. They all asked where they could get the products.

Lars Wenås Co-Founder of Combat Corner Norway says:
“One thing that impressed me about Combat Corner products is that each product is developed with extremely durability, great quality and perfect fitting. The products under CC are made with passion and perfection, and that’s exciting”

After we practically tested the gear for about a year or so and have done research on other brands as well, we realized that Europe needs Combat Corner. The quality of the products and the pricing are a healthy contribution to the European market. The competition is always good for the customer and we just want to contribute with better products and better pricing.

CombatCRNR Black Background

The Underdog
We started making arrangements for launching Combat Corner in Northern Europe mid-2013.

Starting off we had a small budget and no funding. By using our connections and network we were able to get Combat Corner off about a year later.

Our goal was to start off with a boom. We wanted to let people really know what Combat Corner was all about right from the get-go. We also wanted to help MMA fighters succeed so we started off making a Combat Corner Fight team with Emil Weber Meek and Thomas Formo.

We got both of them on our team by offering a better sponsorship deal that will contribute to their growth and development as fighters. Thereby it is positively contributing to the Norwegian MMA scene.

“It’s not the size of the man in the fight…it’s the size of the fight in the man.”

Combat Corner is the underdog trying to do well. We are not motivated by only financial goals or stock worth like big brands often are. We are not a computer or a machine. We are just real people trying to do great work and help others.

We believe in karma and positive change, in the quality of our products and the way we do business. We are here to help. We are the underdog, but we work harder than anyone else to succeed.

We carry a big variety for product in categories like MMA, BJJ. Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing, etc
For the BJJ category we have our signature product the Stage 2 Competition Gi (link: and picture of both black and white one).

This one is developed with Pearl Weave technology and has gotten a lot of attention from the BJJ community in Norway already. A fun fact is that it only weighs 450 grams and it also has a EVA filled collar and is constructed with 100% pre-shrunken cotton. This is a high end Gi with amazing durability and quality. It also has a clean and nice design.

We are currently looking for BJJ/MMA gyms and schools to work with across Scandinavia, and would love for you to contact us. You can either buy our products and test them out, or use our products as a reseller. If you are a social person, great networker and have a passion for BJJ, you might just be our guy/girl.

Our goals for 2015 are to further develop ourselves and do more good for our community, help fighters and sell great products to happy customers. We want to reach out to every BJJ gym in Scandinavia to make the Combat Corner family even bigger.

If you want to get in contact with us you can send an e-mail to or call me at: +47 91 60 31 83.

So just give me a call and we`ll see if we can make something happen. We offer great deals to gyms and have our own reseller program.

You can get our products on: and we ship to every corner of Scandinavia.

-Stefan Ydstie
Combat Corner Europe

Din fotograf i Trondheim - Fotofashion