Review of the Macaco Branco Gi Evolution


The new GI Evolution is a simple, solid and awesome GI! It features a single piece pearl weave jacket together with a pair of ripstop pants. The canvas collar and triple stitched reinforced stress points makes that this GI is very durable, great for training and for competition, and overall a good investment, so we highly recommend this GI!

I personally like simple looking GIs and this one is neat and clean and has some really nice details. the Macaco Branco branding and logos are finished in top quality embroidery, and the jacket edges, cuffs and lapels are edged in their trademark trim.

Fit, size and Shrinkage
I am a standard A2 size and the GI was a bit large when new, but after a few washes it now fits perfectly. The sleeves are long enough to do the Ezekiel choke without having to search for the cuff, and the pants are on the spot.


Quality and durability
The new GI Evolution is top notch quality. It features a single piece pearl weave jacket together with a pair of robust ripstop pants, both of which have very high strength and durability. The canvas collar and triple stitched reinforced stress points makes that the GI is really durable and is almost good as new even after the toughest bout, while the drawstring pants offer comfort and reliability.


Feeling when rolling and overall assessment
The GI Evolution is very conformable, the material is very smooth and no need for rash guard. Again, the length of the sleeves and trousers fits perfectly after a couple of washes. The lapel is made soft yet durable rubber so you done feel you have cardboard on your neck. The GI weighs approx. 1.3 kg which makes it good for rolling or competition, and the breathable pearl weave jacket makes it perfect to roll in a warm environment.

Price/quality ratio
Its price of Euro 139,90 is really affordable by Scandinavian standards, and the quality is top notch. So even if it might be a bit more expensive against other brands, its quality and durability will ensure that you have made a good investment.

Where to get it
To order this great GI go to

Although Macaco Branco is our sponsor, we have taken this assessment independently from the brand and as such, the comments in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of the brand. These views are our own and should be considered as such when purchasing and using the GI.