Copa Podio results: Scandinavians dominate the first Challenge in 2016 “Vikings Vs Cabras de Peste”


Copa Podio 2016 features a series of Challenge matches between the Vikings and Cabras de Peste. This first series played out last night where Espen Mathiesen, Tommy Langaker and Ida Floisvik fought three Brazilian contenders. The three Scandinavians largely dominated the challenge earning 2 wins and 1 draw. In the Grand Prix Event Leandro Lo fought his way through the bracket and took the first place in a final against Lucs Lepri. So here are the results of Last night.

All photos belong to Copa podio

Opening bout – brown belt challenge match
Max Gimenis def Rafael Teofilo 29-0


Copa Podio Lightweight Grand Prix 2016 Results

Group Matches
Lucas Lepri def Davi Ramos 4-2
AJ Sousa def Felipe Silva 4-2
Dillon Danis def Edwin Najmi 7-0
Diego Borges def Luan Carvalho 0-0 (2-1 adv)

Lucas Lepri def Felipe Silva by kimura
Leandro Lo def Davi Ramos 6-2
Diego Borges def Dillon Danis 2-2 (1 adv)
Patrick Gaudio def Edwin Najmi 2-0

Davi Ramos def Felipe Silva 2-0
Leandro Lo def AJ Sousa 13-0
Diego Borges def Edwin Najmi 2-2 (1 adv)
Luan Carvalho def Patrick Gaudio 0-0 (3 adv)

Davi Ramos def AJ Sousa 2-0
Lenadro Lo def Lucas Lepri 2-2 (1 adv)
Edwin Najmi def Luan Carvalho via DQ
Dillon Danis def Patrick Gaudio 2-2 (6-4 adv)

Leandro Lo def Felipe Silva 7-0
AJ Sousa def Lucas Lepri 4-2
Diego Borges def Patrick Gaudio 2-0
Dillon Danis def Luan Carvalho 0-0 (2-1 adv)

Vikings vs Cabras da Peste
Espen Mathiesen def Yan Lucas 4-2
Tommy Langaker vs Rafael Vasconcelos – draw
Ida Floisvik def Kessy Paraiba 9-2




Lightweight Grand Prix Semi-Finals
Leandro Lo def Dillon Danis 2-0
Lucas Lepri def Diego Borges 0-0 (2-0 adv)

No-Gi Challenge Match
David Vieira def Robson Gracie 4-0


3rd Place Grand Prix Match
Diego Borges def Dillon Danis – Danis injured arm

Copa Podio Lightweight Grand Prix Final
Leandro Lo def Lucas Lepri 2-0