Review of Macaco Branco’s Rash Guard jungle


There’s a new rumble in the jungle – that is Macaco Branco’s new long sleeve Rash Guard Jungle. We received a couple of months ago, tried, tested it and now is is up for a review.

The brand, “Macaco Branco”, which from Portuguese translates to White Monkey in English, could not be anything else than… you guessed right, an Ape! The ape is a good reference to Jiu Jitsu i.e. strong, flexible and agile. So the front of the rash guard features the infamous white monkey this time prowling through the jungle undergrowth, which is sure to catch anyone’s attention, whether you’re wearing it for grappling or just for fun. The back has large white “Macaco Branco” lettering with the jungle undergrowth theme. At the level of the shoulder on both sleeves you have the logo of the company. Designs and colours are subjective, but I personally like the design and what makes it great is the high quality of the printing especially the shading from blue to black on the sleeves.

Fit & size
I am a standard A2 size and the A2 rash guard fits perfectly. It is tight enough not to get your opponent fingers entangled and the material is very stretchy so it does not compress or bother you. The sleeves are long enough so that when you bend your arms, the wrist is still covered and the length at the waist is perfect so that if you shrimp, invert or simply bend down, your back stays cover.



Quality and durability
The quality of this of this rash guard is simply top notch. As I said in the first two parts, the printing of the design is really high definition and the material used are stretchy, smooth and light, so you don’t really feel like you are wearing one. The rash guard uses high quality polyspandex fabric, with triple stitching and overlocking across all major stress points, so it is unlikely it will ever come apart at the seams. Macaco Branco has managed to erase the memory that I had of some tight or gritty rash guards. It is so comfortable you can actually wear like a long sleeve shirt. Even after a few months of rolling and several washes, it still keeps the colour, the smoothness and has not failed.

Feeling when rolling and overall assessment
The material and fit makes you feel like you are not wearing anything, or perhaps something very light and comfortable. So this rash guard gives a great feeling when rolling. Also, the material is breathable so that you not sweating extra and feeling like you are swimming in the pool after 10 minutes of rolling. This is especially thr case for as I like to wear a rash guard under my GI and this one is just perfect.

Price/quality ratio
At EURO 49.90 it is on the high end of the price scale but the quality is there so it is an investment worth making if you like no GI or if you like to roll with rash guard under your GI like I do.

Where to get it
To order this great rash guard go to

Although Macaco Branco is our sponsor, we have taken this assessment independently from the brand and as such, the comments in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of the brand. These views are our own and should be considered as such when purchasing and using the gear from this brand.