Review of the Rumble Roller


If you train BJJ or anytype of grappling disciplines, you will want to simply forget any type of foam roller and get yourself a Rumble Roller (available in Scandinavia at GEKKO Sport). I received the Blue Rumble Roller (12.5 x 30 cm) from GEKKO sports a few months ago, and never looked back. This scary looking foam roller, will give you pain and relief between each grappling session.

Rumble Roller has a surface that contains specially designed knobs that can be compared with the thumb to a massage therapist. The Knobs are firmer than muscle tissue, but much softer than bone, so they will bend if they come into contact with the spine or other bony areas. When you roll over the Rumble Roller the knobs will continuously knead the contours of your body and gently stretch the soft tissues (muscles and fascia) in several directions. This dissolves in trigger points, restores flexibility and brings quick relief to common types of muscle pain. Through simple techniques, you can control how much pressure to apply.

So you have been using a normal foam roller, or perhaps never used any, then don’t worry, the Rumble Roller (available at GEKKO Sport) comes with quick start pamphlet to guide you on how to use it on lot of the muscles that commonly need stretching and mobility. Position yourself to avoid grinding on bones and sensitive parts, while rolling on it and apply the desired amount of pressure to your muscle tissues.


After each roll, I generally try to do some stretching, however, I have often the same muscle pains on my thighs, upper and lower back. Using the rumble roller after a BJJ or grappling session helps me a lot massage the muscle tissue. For best results, keep your muscles relaxed and pause on specific points long enough that each trigger point can loosen up. The knobs flex as you roll, but when you move side-to-side they are slightly less flexible so you can decide how intense you want to massage your muscles. The knobs is reminiscent of a therapists thumb digging in.

We received the Blue Rumble Roller (12.5 x 30 cm) and the size is perfect for massages but also to be carried in your BJJ bag. Also, we tried the blue version which is softer than the black one.


Specification available at GEKKO sports
Size: 12.5cm x 30cm
BLUE: Normal strength
BLACK: Hard (36% harder / firmer than BLUE variant)
Material: EVA / polyolefin Mixing – Waterproof and latex
Instructions included

Should I buy blue or black Rumble Roller?
For most people, including BJJ athletes, the regular (blue) Rumble Roller is perfect sufficient. Its knobs are more flexible, providing a more active steps to manipulate soft tissue. The knobs on the extra-hard (black) Rumble Roller is significantly stiffer and will provide a “nail” feeling. The danger of going for the hard Rumble Roller is that it may be too painful. You may prefer the black Rumble Roller if you primarily use it on thicker muscles gluteus or hamstrings, trying to dig deep into and around the hip capsule, work with scar tissue from previous operations or like to roll on PVC pipe. Otherwise, I would recommend the blue.

For the the rumble Roller as well as other sport gear check out GEKKO sports