ADCC European Trials: Scandinavian grapplers dominate and take home one third of all the medals


The 1st ADCC European Trials took place on October 1st, 2016 at the Arena, Halle in Mainz, Germany. The event saw the best grapplers from across Europe competing for an opportunity to earn a spot at the next ADCC world championship in 2017 in Finland.

Only 5 grapplers – the winners of each adult male category – could be awarded a spot at the ADCC world championship, and 2 of them are Finns. Tero Pyylampi from Hilti BJJ Tampere took gold at the -77kg category and Jesse Urholin took gold in the -88kg category! In addition, Elvira Karppinen from 10th Planet Tampere / MMA Team 300 (Finland) took gold in the -60kg female category, and Omid Mosavi from Hilti BJJ (Sweden) took gold in the -99kg Masters division (+35 years old). Overall, Scandinavian athletes did well securing another 6 medals at the event including young talents such as Tarik Hopstock from Frontline Academy (Norway) who took bronze in the -77kg and Patricia Kazimierczak from Prana Jiu Jitsu (Sweden) who also took bronze in the +60kg female division. 10 out of the 29 medals were awarded to Scandinavian grapplers from Finland, Sweden and Norway, once again showing that the Jiu Jitsu scene in Scandinavia is one of the best in Europe!

October 1st, 2016
Arena, Halle am großen Sand, Obere Kreuzstraße 11,
Mainz, Germany


-66kg Janusz Andrejczuk (Dragon’s Den Fight Club) Poland
Tero Pyylampi (Hilti BJJ Tampere) Finland
Jesse Urholin (Porin Kamppailuurheilukeskus) Finland
Kamil Uminski (Alliance) Poland
Khamzat Stambulov (Berkut) Russia



-65,9 kg

  1. Andrejczuk, Janusz (Dragon’s Den Fight Club) Poland
  2. Wilk, Kamil (Zenith BJJ) Poland
  3. Elgland, Erno (HILTI Tampere, Tampereen Ju-Jutsukoulu) Finland

-76,9 kg

  1. Pyylampi, Tero (Tampereen Ju-Jutsukoulu (TJJK) / Hilti BJJ Tampere) Finland
  2. Bessa, Pedro (99 Brasa) UK
  3. Hopstock, Tarik (Frontline Academy) Norway

-87,9 kg

  1. Urholin, Jesse (Alliance / Porin Kamppailuurheilukeskus) Finland
  2. Loubersanes, Thomas (Team ATOS) France
  3. Piechota, Oskar (Zenith BJJ) Poland

-98,9 kg

  1. Uminski, Kamil (Alliance) Poland
  2. Rousseau, Luc (Zenith BJJ) France
  3. Michalec, Lukasz (Zenith / Piranha Grappling Team Gdynia) Poland

+99,0 kg

  1. Stambulov, Khamzat (Berkut) Russia
  2. Rafigaev, Eldar (Jungle BJJ) Czech Republic
  3. Patsarigov, Muslim (Roger Gracie Academy Norway) Norway


-60,0 kg

  1. Karppinen, Elvira (10th Planet Tampere / MMA Team 300) Finland
  2. Szawernowska, Zofia (Zenith BJJ) Poland
  3. Vanderstukken, Fran (Sequana Luta Livre) Belgium

+60,0 kg

  1. Egger, Stephanie (Buddy Gym) Switzerland
  2. Heikkinen, Laura (Helsingin Paini-Miehet) Finland
  3. Kazimierczak, Patricia (Prana Jiu Jitsu) Sweden

Masters (+35 years)

-87,9 kg

  1. Uskov, Alexey (Zenith BJJ) Russia
  2. Rotko, Niko (Skeletor Wrestling) Finland
  3. Kindling, Tino (Hilti-BJJ / IMAG Berlin) Germany

-98,9 kg

  1. Mosavi, Omid (Hilti BJJ) Sweden
  2. Frutig, Lars (Dino Team Magdeburg) Germany

+99,0 kg

  1. Ernst, Sascha (Body Masters / IronBorn BJJ) Germany
  2. Horak, Jan (PriMMAt Gym Prague) Czech Republic
  3. Klein, Thorsten (Fight Club Gelsenkirchen) Germany


Organized by: ADCC Germany
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Best Team: Zenith BJJ