Copa Podio 4th Season report: Scandinavians dominate the event


Copo Podio has penned yet another successful chapter in the record books of Jiu-Jitsu on the night of October 22, at the Clube Sírio gymnasium. The event saw the participation of Dane Black Belt Champion, Alexandre Trans, and the Vikings Vs Kangaroos team challenge. The night ended with Alex Trans reaching the second place on the podium making him the first non-Brazilian to do so, and a 2 out of 3 victories for the vikings, once again showing that Scandinavia has some of the grapplers in th world. Below, the report of the event by Copa Podio:

The supremacy of Leandro Lo
He’s a lightweight, a middleweight, a heavyweight, and downright dangerous. Leandro Lo, coming off of both Lightweight and Middleweight GP wins, did not back down in the face of the giants in the Heavyweight GP. The São Paulo black belt won five matches to secure the title and triple crown. He beat the likes of brown belt Isaque Bahiense, Cassio Silva, Felipe Trovo, Nelton Pontes and, lastly, Alex Trans, in the grand finale. Lo was noted for the aggressive use of his guard, coupled with great sweeps in daring attacks. Before leaving the gymnasium and photo session with fans, Lo stated: “I love Jiu-Jitsu, today was a great day of work”.

Two non-Brazilians on the podium
Alex Trans and Nelton Pontes both showed huge amounts of guts in dealing with their adversaries, securing second and third place, respectively, on the Grand Prix podium. This was the first time two foreigners managed this feat. The Dane and Portuguese made Copa Podio history. Americans, Italians, Poles, Emirati, British and Jordanians have previously competed in Copa Podio GPs, though none have managed to make it to the winner’s podium.

Vikings dominate again, Tommy Langaker submits in 57 seconds
They won once again. And convincingly so. The Viking team featuring Espen Mathiesen (NOR), Tommy Langaker (NOR), and Emilia Tuukkanen (FIN) beat the Australian Kangaroos by 8 to 3. The first to step up for the Vikings was Espen, who demonstrated the power of his guard by sweeping Ben Hodgkinson (AUS), after nearly taking his back starting with a berimbolo. Tommy wasted no time in applying a rear choke on black belt Vicente Cavalcanti (AUS), securing the win in just 57 seconds. The only person to mange a win for the Kangaroos was Livia Cluchowska (AUS). The Australian came in low and managed t sweep Emilia to secure the win.

Brown belt action
Isaque Bahiense and Fellipe Trovo put on a stellar performance at the Heavyweight GP. The two brown belts made life tough for the tournament’s black belts. Fellipe was third with the highest number of points in the yellow group and managed a place in the semifinals, following Erberth Santo’s exit through injury. One of his best moments was when he nearly submitted Erberth with a vice-like rear choke. Isaque, the lightest in the GP at just 83.6 kg, didn’t seem to notice the weight and fought off of his front foot against his more experienced rivals. His win against Cássio Silva and the war with Erberth Santos brought the crowd to its feet.

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Espen Mathiesen (NOR) Vs Ben Hodgkinson (AUS)
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Tommy Langaker (NOR) Vs Vicente Cavalcanti (AUS)
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Emilia Tuukkanen (FIN) Vs Livia Cluchowska (AUS)
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Tommy Langaker (NOR), Emilia Tuukkanen (FIN) and Espen Mathiesen (NOR)

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