Too busy to train? here are some tips to make time for BJJ


In this video Stephan Kesting from explains how to train and improve in the martial arts when time is super-limited. Stephan is a BJJ Black belt, full time fire fighter, business owner and single father of two kids so he is well placed to give some good tips on time management to find time to train BJJ. Stephan starts by explaining that one of the key things which should not be impacted is your resting time as sleeping and resting is the first part of training and is essential to get better at BJJ. here are three key pilars to find the time to train and get better at Jiu Jitsu:

1. Make time: Remove non-productive activities such as watching TV and finds way to train by making a small home gym and train with a friend
2. Make training more efficient and effective: again remove the unnecessary like gossiping on the mats or avoid spend 2/3 of training time on Cardio, instead try to get in your cardio off the mat by running
3. Train your mind: Watch BJJ instructionals, techniques, matches and so forth to keep your mind on BJJ