Swede Sophia Nordenö wins first women-only BJJ Kumite in California and a $1,000 Cash prize

One of the first and only Professional womens only Jiu Jitsu competition organised by grappletv took place last week in Irvine, California. the event saw 8 of the top female Brown Belts battle it out for a $1,000.00 cash prize for the First and $500.00 for Second. the competitors include Gabrielle Mc Comb, Tara White, Catherine Fuhro Perret, Melissa Davis, Veronica Mayorga, Nathalie Ribeiro, Sophia Nordenö and Alex Gonzalez. In the end, Swede Sophia Nordenö (BArum) won the finals agaisnt Gabrielle Mc Comb (Gracie Humaita)

Video HL of the event: