Oslo Grappling Championships 2 GI event

Oslo Grappling Championships have the honour to invite all athletes from all ACADEMIES to come and take your chances to win Amazing prizes for the fist time in Oslo in a GI event!

This tournament will be a GI event, held in the Roger Gracie Academy Head quarters in Oslo @ Frontline Muay Thai on the 8th of April 2017.
Price to participate NOK 350,-
Price audience NOK 50,-

There will be 3 divisions!
# White belt
# Blue belt
# Purple, Brown & Black

MALE divisions will have 5 weight classes
# You must weight in with the GI!
# The weight in will be done on the Friday 7th of April between 16:00 – 18:00.
– 60kg
– 69kg
– 76kg
– 85kg
+ 85kg

And all the FEMALE divisions will have 2 weight classes
– 60kg
+ 60kg

The competitors will win medals for first second and third place, and gifts to the winners of the weight classes. The gifts will be announced soon.

Open class!
Ps. to be able to compete in the open class, you will have to be medalist in your division.

For the open class we will not give away medals.
The winner will take home a Belt and a cash Prize!

Beginner = Titlebelt + NOK 1000
Intermediate = Titlbelt + NOK 2000
Expert = Titleelt + NOK 3000

All levels = Titlebelt + cash prize if enough females sign up

THE RULES: We will follow IBJJF rules

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