Interview with 2017 ADCC world championship organiser, Marko Leistén

With the 2017 ADCC World Championship approaching and the event hosted in Espoo, Finland, met with event organiser and president of ADCC Europe, Marko Leistén. We discuss how the event took place in Finland, what to expect and how to watch it.

1. Hi Marko, Please introduce yourself
Hi, I am Marko Leistén, Black belt at Hilti BJJ in Finland and president of ADCC Europe.

2. ADCC world championship is finally coming to a Nordic country what motivated this choice?
I have tried to get this event to Finland since 2007 and we now have finally managed to have this event here.

3. After the last edition in Brazil, what can we expect from the upcoming ADCC world championship in Finland?
The level is getting better and better at every world championship, so you can expect to see many many good fights.

4. Two Finns have already qualified for ADCC this year. What makes Finns so competitive?
We have grappling events in Finland since 1998 and of course Finnish Sisu. (Sisu is a Finnish concept and cultural construct which includes stoic determination, grit, bravery, resilience and hardiness and is held by Finns themselves to express their national character).

5. When will be the final list of competitors public?
the final list will be released in a few days now.

6. Which of the super fights are you most looking forward to?
The one that I am most looking forward to is Galvao vs Calasans.

7. For those who want to attend the event in Espoo and for those who cant but want to watch it, what are the links they can follow?
Check out, they are in charge of the live streaming.