Gordon Ryan officially announces his move to GI competition


At only 22 years of age, Gordon Ryan has almost conquered all the major titles in No-GI grappling including EBI, IBJJF no-GI and recently ADCC -88kg title and ADCC absolute silver. After the impressive achievement of this past week end, Gordon Ryan set to conquer the GI world and give himself approximately to year to get ready under the tutelage of John Danaher. Here is what Gordon Ryan had to say on facebook:

I’d like to announce my move to the gi competition scene. I have essentially accomplished everything possible without the gi. No gi world champion at brown belt (I plan to win at black belt as well) ebi 170,185, and absolute champion. Adcc gold medalist. Adcc absolute silver medalist. I told myself and everyone that when I won this year my gi training would begin. I said I wanted to do it right. And that doesn’t mean throwing on a gi and fighting. I know where I stand in the gi currently. I will beat most people at black belt. But I’m not striving to beat most people. I’m striving to submit the highest level black belts. And competing against those guys (top 20) in the gi at this moment would be a rough day for me. So I will follow a gi training program led by @Danaherjohn for the rest of this year and next. And based on my progression will jump into competition anywhere from mid 2018 to early 2019. I said I would be the best no gi grappler on earth. And I am. I said I will be the best gi grappler on earth. All I can say is….Bet on me… This is a new era. And it’s my era. So the question is. Which gi sponsor wants to ride the king train? Tag some gi companies. And gi companies slide into my dms. #kingryan