Ralek Gracie challenges AJ Agazarm to a no-time-limit submission-only match at Metamoris

For those who do not know about the feud between Ralek Gracie and A.J. Agazarm, here is a short synopsis. In 2015, A.J. Agazarm took a fight on short notice against UFC veteran Karo Parisyan at Metamoris, event run by Ralek Gracie. Six month after, Agazarm voiced his discontent agaisnt Metamoris and Ralex for not being paid for his bout against Parysian.

Somehow, AJ managed to take over Metamoris’s Instagram account in 2016 to chastise the organization and its promoter Ralek Gracie claiming Ralek was using athletes to promote their company without paying them after the event. Ralek Gracie responded, assuring that the athletes will be paid in due time. He also didn’t appreciate Agazarm’s actions and has threatened him with legal action and according to Agazarm has called in the FBI, through his older brother Ryron Gracie’s contacts.

Since early 2016, this story has not resurfaced until today! Ralek Gracie took to facebook today to announce a Matemoris event between him and AJ Agazarm on the 26th of November 2017 in Denver, Colorado in a No time limit submission only event. However, we don’t know if this is a legit event as nothing has yet been confirmed, nor if AJ has accepted the bout. It seems that given the current state of Metamoris, an event with a full card and promo is likely not to happen, however it would be an exciting match up!

By pirating our last @metamoris event on his personal Facebook account @thefloridaboy stole money from the very athletes he claimed to be supporting, saying “pay your athletes” in his comments. Here’s your chance to put your money where your mouth is Florida boy.
Gi or no-gi your choice.
Ralek Gracie