Top 5 up and coming Scandinavian female grapplers in 2017

Scandinavia has probably one of the best BJJ Scene in Europe with a lot of big competitions, well organised national BJJ federations such as the Finnish BJJ Federation and of course tonnes of talented athletes, a lot of whom are doing well in the international events. Last year (2016) did the 10 up and coming Scandinan male grapplers, so it is natural that this year we place the focus on women and look at some of the best female talents from Scandinavia who have conquered major titles in the 2016/2017 season!

Back in August 2017, conducted a survey to nominate the top 5 up and coming female grapplers for the 2016/2017 season. We received a lot of nominations, which we then shortlisted to the top 5 based on achievements during the 2016/2017 season. From IBJJF worlds, Pan ams, Europeans to ADCC world Championship, you can find Scandinavia female grapplers at the highest level and competing against the biggest names in the sport.  So here are the 5 up and coming female grapplers of the 2016/2017 season (in no particular order)!

Anja Bergo (Norway)

Name: Anja Bergo
Academy: Frontline Academy Bergen
Age: 21
Belt: Purple
Weight: Feather
Years training BJJ: 6 and a half-year
Favourite technique: Delariva / berimbolo.
Major Achievements: European champion NoGi 2017, Bronze medallist at Pan-American 2017, Bronze medallist at Europeans 2017
Goals: My goal is always to improve on the mat and outside. I love testing myself in tournaments and it helps me evolve!
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Elvira Karppinen (Finland)

Full name: Elvira Karppinen
Academy: 10th planet Tampere/MMA Team 300 (Finland)
Age: 28
Belt: brown belt
Weight: light
Years training bjj: 4 years
Favourite technique: dead orchard from rubber guard
Major Achievements: ADCC worlds 4th place -60kg 2017, ADCC Europeans 1st place -60kg in 2016,
Polaris vet 2017, Finnish open 1st place -66kg and open weight class 2017 elite class (purple brown,black), Ibjjf Nogi europeans 1st place ( brown belt, light) 2017, SBJJL Nogi finnish nationals 1st place -61,5kg and open weight class 2017 elite class, IBJJF nogi europeans 1st place 2016 ( bluebelt light), IBJJF rome open bjj 1st place 2016 (bluebelt light), SBJJL nogi finnish nationals 1st place -61,5kg and open weight class (bluebelt), Naga expert 1st place San diego 2015
Goals: total domination of the female grappling scene 🙂 1st place ADCC worlds 2019 and 1st place nogi worlds 2017
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Ane Svendsen (Norway)

Name: Ane N. Svendsen
Academy: Stavanger MMA/GFTeam Norway
Age: 26
Rank: Brown belt
Weight division: Middleweight (gi) – medium heavy (no-gi)
Years of training: 5
Favourite technique: My favourite technique must be the triangle. I find it extremely effective against all types of opponents. It has withstood the test of time. My Master Gilberto Ferraz spends a lot of time perfecting effective traditional techniques.
Major achievements:  at Purple belt: European IBJJF GI Championship 2017: 1. place weight division and 3. place open class, European IBJJF No-GI Championship 2017: 1. place weight division and 1. place open class,
Goals: I want to be known as an exciting fighter, a fighter people want to watch because they know there will be action from start to finish. I’m always looking to improve my game in order to stay unpredictable and enticing. Right now, I’m aiming to do well in Europeans 2018 and establish myself as a brownbelt. I also have some secret goals that is personal to me, but be free to follow me to see when I achieve them.
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Madeleine Håkansson (Sweden)

Full name: Madeleine Håkansson
Academy: Yamasaki Academy Gothenburg (Sweden)
Belt: Brown
Weight: Feather
Years training BJJ: 6 years
Favourite technique: Caio Terra ankle lock.
Major Achievements: Silver medalist at IBJJF Worlds at purple, 2x gold medalist at IBJJF European Open at purple (2016/2017).
Goals: To win a gold medal at Worlds.
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Elina Moestam (Sweden)

Full name: Elina Moestam
Academy: Prana Jiu Jitsu/Checkmat (Sweden)
Age: 25
Belt: Purple
Weight: Feather
Years training BJJ: 4 in january 2018
Favourite technique: Triangles/chokes from the back
Major Achievements: 2017 Swedish BJJ Champion (purple/brown/black -58,5), 2017 UAEJJF World Pro Champion (purple -55kg), 2017 IBJJF Europeans bronze (blue -53,5kg), 2016 Swedish submission wrestling champion (-60kg), 2016 IBJJF European nogi champion (blue -56,5kg), 2016 IBJJF Worlds bronze (blue 53,5kg)
Goals: An IBJJF world title, competing with three referees and getting my own highlight video. Also creating a kids jiu jitsu army at the academy!
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