Gordon Ryan walks out from Seminar, here is why

Fresh out of his ADCC 2017 performance, Gordon Ryan has been busy giving seminars in and outside the US. Part of his and his team’s success is due to the leg lock game developed under the guidance of John Danaher. Gordon teaches aspects of this leg lock game and strategies at seminars. During one of these seminars, someone kept filming Gordon despite the fact that he asked not to film him showing these techniques. As a result, Gordon left the seminar. here he explains why: 

Ok guys. So here is the full story on what happened at my seminar at central penn mma (cpmma). Before the seminar I gathered everyone around and asked politely to not record me teaching the techniques but if you feel you need to record for future retention of knowledge to record yourselves doing the moves rather than me teaching. The gym owner Ryan gruhn told his gf, wife, or secretary to keep a camera in her lap and try to record me Without me noticing. Keep in mind they were both sitting within 5 ft of me when I asked specifically for no recording. I approached him asking what that was and why was she recording when I specifically asked not to record. He responding by saying “it’s all good bro I told her to record” I said “it’s not all good. I asked not to record and you did anyway. If that shit happens again I’m gonna walk out”. Then me and Nathalia tell him to delete it and he laughs in our faces and changes the subject. Then the woman sits down with the camera and doesn’t record video but still continues to record audio for a set of techniques. No problem.. I then walk around helping groups for the rest of the seminar. In the q&a portion of the seminar where i usually rapid fire techniques without drilling Ryan takes his phone and places it in his belt line with himself and the camera facing me and hoping I didn’t see. I didn’t say anything then because I didn’t actually show any techniques I just answered general questions of the students. At the end of the seminar I expressed I wanted to roll with the students like I do most of the time at seminars but couldnt trust I wouldn’t be filmed because the host of the seminar (Ryan) tried to record the entire seminar behind my back and explained the reasons as to why I didn’t want to be recorded. Then stating i couldnt train because I couldn’t trust I wouldn’t be recorded. I called him out in front of everyone so maybe he learns a lesson to not do this again. Like me or not I’m not a fake loser like most people. If I like you you’ll know. If we have a problem you’ll know. I’m posting this to apologize to everyone who was looking forward to training with me. Thanks for the support guys