Guard Passing Options Using the Shin Trap by Rafael Mendes

Rafael Mendes, also known as “Rafa” Mendes, is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) black belt world champion under the illustrious coach Ramon Lemos. Considered a grappling “phenom” since his late teens and acclaimed as “the king of the featherweight division” by many grappling enthusiasts, Rafael was also one of the competitors who brought recognition to the 50-50 guard and the berimbolo, positions he used to de-throne the former 4x world champion Rubens Charles. (For more info on Rafael Mendes go to BJJ Heroes). In this video, Rafa Mendes shows three options to pass guard using the shin to shin set up or shin Trap. The shin trap is a signature set up to pass guard by Rafa Mendes who uses it often in competitions. for more info on Rafa Mendes visit Art of Jiu Jitsu website