How to unshrink you Jiu Jitsu GI

Original article written and published by Sanabul on August 2016

Either you or whoever else washed your gi (if you’re an adult hopefully your mom wasnt the one doing your laundry) didnt follow the instructions on the label. Now your favorite gi fits like you bought it in the childrens department and you’re angry/upset/sad/about to give up jiu jitsu. Any other company would probably tell you to chuck your gi out and buy yourself a brand new one. At Sanabul we care about your wallet and the environment so before you throw out your gi or donate it to a smaller person at the gym, try the following trick to re-stretch your shrunken bjj gi. Side note: this can be used to unshrink other natural fiber clothing too like cotton shirts or jeans. You’re welcome.

We can’t guarantee this will bring your gi back to its original size but this has worked really well for us. Always remember wash your gi in cold water and hang dry.