Polaris 6: already 4 Scandinavian grapplers confirmed in the prelim card

Polaris 6 is set to take place on the Saturday Feb 17th, 2018 at the indigo, O2 Greenwich, London, UK. Polaris 5 was sold out so if you plan to be in London to attend the event and buy tickets as soon as possible. Jake Shields and Graig Jones are already confirmed, but the rest of the main card of Polaris 6 is still to be confirmed and Polaris organisers said that they are in contact with high level grapplers from across the globe to the ensure an exiting event. However the prelim Card is already complete and stacked with 12 high level and exiting competitors. 

The 4 Scandinavian grapplers are: 
1) Tommi Pulkkanen from Finland who will be fighting UK black belt champion, Ross Nicholls in the 73 kg category No-GI format.
2) Tommy Langaker from Norway will be fighting Charlie McDonald in the 82 kg category Gi format
3) Santeri Lilius from Finland will be fighting Bradley Hill in the 84 kg category Gi format
4) Emilia Tuukkanen from Finland will fighting Leoni Munslow in the 61 kg category Gi format.

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