How to became a Full Time BJJ Coach

Do you want to be a BJJ coach? This is what our video is about today. In the video Nick Albin, aka “Chewy”, goes over this question and talks about how he got his start as a consistent Brazilian Jiu-jitsu coach. 

This originally started as a means to make himself better at Jiujitsu following a podcast he listened to. During that podcast the black belt who was being interviewed spoke about teaching BJJ made his grapplings so much better because of the deeper knowledge it took. He also talked about how he didn’t look forward to becoming a full time coach and how nervous he was in the beginning. Nick Albin shares an idea about building yourself up before you decide to focus on coaching. Experiencing a ton as a person so that you can help share the lessons from those experiences to your students. If this subject interests you. Becoming a BJJ coach / instructor / professor I hope this video is useful!