Copa Podio Iron Brown belt Europe Results and Recap

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Copa Podio IRON BROWN BELT EUROPE took place on February 10th in Stavanger, Norway. the card was composed of five superfights which included four Norwegians (Sander Bringeland, Sindre Boge, Vegard Randeberg and Ane Svendsen) and the Iron Brown Belt event composed of 10 grapplers from all over Europe, including Tarik Hopstock from Norway. Here are the results of the super fights and the Iron brown belt challenge:

Blue belt super match Saúl Sánchez wins by armbar over Sander Bringeland

Purple belt super match Sindre Boge Thu wins by points over Alberto Guzmán

Brown belt super match Vegard Randeberg wins by clock choke over Guilherme Jardim Vegard gets promoted to black belt by his professor Felipe Mota after the match

Brown belt super match nogi Ane Svendsen won with a back take in overtime against Lari Campos

Black belt super match Muslim Patsarigov wins by points over Henriques Junião

Iron Brown belt Challenge

The challenge played out over two stages:

1) Elimination stage, in which each fighter competed against the same adversary twice, chosen through a draw system.
At this stage, the scoring criteria was the same used in the Copa Podio groups phase, that is, a submission is worth 5 points, win by points is worth 3 points, a win by advantage is worth 2 points and a draw equals 1 point. In the event of two fighters ending the second fight with the same score, a sudden death match resumes with the first to score a point securing the win. Advantages did not count.

At the end of the elimination stage, the points of the 5 winners were summed and the 3 fighters with the highest score automatically qualified for the decisive stage. The 2 fighters with the lowest score faced each other in the final match to decide who takes the 4th spot in the decisive stage. The criteria for this fight was based on the normal time of 6 minutes or sudden death.

2) Decisive stage, in which the 4 fighters that won their elimination matches, faced each other until one secured 5 wins, thus becoming the Iron Brown Belt champion

At the end of the first stage, the three grapples who collected the most points were Tarik Hopstock (Norway), Alan Ciku (Belgium), Marcus Phelan (Irleland) were able to advance to the second stage.Bryn Jenkins (United Kingdom) and Yusef Kaddur (Spain) had to fight for the fourth spot. (same amount of points). Bryn were leading but Yusuf were able tap him with an anaconda.

Those four fought each other twice. Tarik won all the matches beside one with Yusuf where he lost on points.

Tarik injured his foot badly in his first match against Alberto Buriaco. He had a hard time even walking, but he fought trough it and ended up in the final with Yusuf. They had a close match, but Tarik won by one advantage and became the champ.

He showed a lot of heart and determination.