About us

Welcome to BJJ Scandinavia!

BJJ Scandinavia was established in 2012 and it is independently run by a bunch of enthusiasts who are passionate about BJJ and Grappling.

Our mission is to share regional and international news and events with the BJJ and Grappling community in Scandinavia. We cover five countries: Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland.

In the event section, we have listed all the upcoming competitions and seminars that are happening in the region, so feel free to subscribe to our calendar. In the Article section, we share everything related to the BJJ and Grappling lifestyle. We have also compiled a list of all the BJJ and grappling academies in the countries we cover, so wherever you are in Scandinavia, you can find somewhere to train.

Please feel free to send us any news, events, articles or updates and we will share it with the BJJ community of Scandinavia via our Facebook page.